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[G] Emil :icongurobird:GuroBird 39 2 [c] Brain Dead :icongurobird:GuroBird 39 0 For Deth :iconpita-tenten:pita-tenten 6 3
Friend Commissions!
Hi hi, everyone~!
I have a few friends who have their commissions open right now and would like to spread the awesome news! Please feel free to click on their icons to see their DA/gallery!
1.) :iconkatsumimi: (SFW) and :iconrazzberri34: (NSFW)
Info: SFW Commission info and (nsfww) Commission Info
Ex: C: Ruebella , C: Tiana-Chama (NSFW)
Katsu's artwork has a wonderful combination of cartoony/cute with colors that really pop and catch your eye! I have bought commissions from before and they always turned out great!
2.) :iconsocky-the-devi:
Art website/info:
:iconimimi-ai:Imimi-Ai 1 3
Way of the Tanuki :iconthefluffyfuffer:TheFluffyFuffer 2 3 Gift - Nyas :iconimimi-ai:Imimi-Ai 9 7 Bridget :iconalisterkael:AlisterKael 3 1 Meet Celcie :iconpita-tenten:pita-tenten 8 0 Worms :iconpegasuspowers:PegasusPowers 12 4 blizzard :iconpegasuspowers:PegasusPowers 8 2 [P] I'll shut up now :icondeadlyjessica:DeadlyJessica 4 4
$5 Adoptables[They have new ones POSTED]

Looking for amazing, Unique adoptables? Well, I'm not the one you're looking at. Haha.
I recently found an amazing artist who has many many adoptables for sale!!! They currently have two events open! 

One event is, "Sale! all adopts are 5$ till April 10th! don't miss out! Once sale ends on April, prices will be back to 10$ as usual. "
Which you can find here:

Second Event is "Event! (starts April 5th, ends April 20th) 
If you have adopted a adoptable from me, you can enter this contest!, this is just for fun-zies to keep you guys interested in the adopts you have adopted!
Prize - any finalized drawing of the adopt you adopted from me- or the ability to obtain one adopt for free!!-"
Which you can find here:

:icondeadlyjessica:DeadlyJessica 1 0
Femboys to Fill the Void (1) :iconpegasuspowers:PegasusPowers 13 2 28216 :iconmurderouscrows:MurderousCrows 17 4



sorry for the delay again :D
Gonna answer adopt requests soon! <3 just making sure i have a firm foot in the hole of getting the raffle winners pieces set~! ^U^
working on adopts now, thx for ur wait
^O^!! come watch on my stream if im one <3
Those who have won, post the most recent bast reference of your adopt here. - i spoken to some and notice you guys r changing colors etc, and it do me less justice to draw your adopts if it is not how your adopt looks. SO PLZ post your most recent reference. (i will not be taking descriptions unless it comes with a visible reference, and i will not change anything from the reference,- im also sorry)

if you cant get a visual ref in time, just note me to delay your raffle. thats absolutely  fine, if its JUST diff color swatch. pls  comment below the color # and which parts.
Check my Journal for updates on the raffle (winners) - i will not be editing winners adopts, you must come with a already re-edited version. so if you have chosen a diff color pallet, or redesigned the winning adopt. PLZ post a reference!
becuase i havnt been on around much, post your friends art work or link below. - i love to see you you admire in your circles


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I'm an artist for fun


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RekstheEnigma Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2016  Student Artist
Happy Holidays.
Socky-the-Devi Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2016  Student Digital Artist
^O^!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11d you tooooooooooooooo!!!
RekstheEnigma Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2016  Student Artist
Hey, for my first majors project I'm doing a graphic novel. At least of the Prologue. Just remembered you made one as well, so do you got any tips for that?

Also, what up?
Socky-the-Devi Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2016  Student Digital Artist
did i not give u my opninion D: so sorry i thought i replyed <3 >m<
RekstheEnigma Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2016  Student Artist
Eeh, s'alright. I've been asking others about my story. There's still a lot of the script, otherwise, people have really enjoyed my comic panel sketches saying that I have a unique way of laying out the scenes by incorporating the foregrounds of the non-grid-like panels and characters compared to the conventional comic standards.

However, I'm sure you would be a little more critical and tell me stuff that I needed to hear since you've made Brain Dead.... Yeah, I think that's the name. Gob, I'm surprised I even recalled what it was about because my memory is jumbo shrimp. Not that your stuff is forgettable heck not.
Socky-the-Devi Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2016  Student Digital Artist
i think your issue when it comes to making what you need is you are a lil off in projecting your idea to somone. Your a hard worker and hard critical thinker, you take every step to make sure everything certain. BUT, i feel your MOST crucial issue is you do not simplify your work enough. I feel you should be able to discribe a story in a single sentence. and in most cases your work has a lot of meanings than one. and its hard for some people, Specially in a 10 minute-20 minute review to understand.

a person should be able to get a good understanding from a cover picture

What i did with brain dead personally is i picked a VERY simple story "emil zombie finatic, gene zombie, they both live together, and its comedy. 
Now this doesn't explain all of it. but its enough that it gist the story and a person can easily explain to another person. which is very important.
it still gives me flexibillity, as long as i stick to that guideline that its about these two ppl

How i STARTED the comic was to introduce the characters. now if the PLACE is hard to imagine, you should explain the place first. like... in... attack on titans they showed a old fashion market and giant walls before character arcs. becuase the place time, and situation is important. "titans attack the city" that is the most important part of the plot.
guyvermaster001 Featured By Owner Edited Jun 6, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Happy Birthday, Socky!
:cake: :)
godzillant Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2016
happy birthday bab <3
RekstheEnigma Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2016  Student Artist
Sooooo. Your birthday's coming up soon. .... I guess all I can do is do a request if you want.
Socky-the-Devi Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2016  Student Digital Artist
Hey K. ~- sorry but, i just wanna be alone for my bday, as upsetting as it is, i will feel sad if i get a gift...  some stuff happened....
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